Use the Best Welding Helmet to Build Your Wine Cellar

Over time, as the wine bottles keep piling up, the need for a wine cellar becomes more evident. What best way to store your bottled treasures than to build a wine cellar for them, to develop the great taste that wine lovers adore. Like most do-it-yourself projects with safety hazards, safety and protection are of the most importance. Protective clothing is important and the first thing you will need to build your shelving for your wine cellar is a welding helmet. Nothing says danger like sparks flying around while you try to weld the metal in place. A good welding helmet with automatic control is as important as the gloves, and the long-sleeved shirt.

As pleasantly fulfilling as it may seem, making a wine cellar comes with its own dangers. Welders pay more attention to their heavy leather gloves and their protective long sleeve jackets because that is where they think most of their problems can arise since that is what is closest to the source of the heat. But, it is also known that an overwhelming amount of injury from welding is from the improper protection of the face and eyes. A good welding helmet will provide a full face protection, to not only keep the flash burn and sparks out of your eyes but to also act as a shield from that scorching heat. Flash burn and sparks are some of the hazards every welder should be mindful of, the source of the heat and light can hurt the eyes within its close proximity; the intense flashes of light, which include visible light as well as ultraviolet and infrared radiation, can harm the eyes even when the welding tool is away from your face. These burns can cause a sunburn-like condition on the skin in a relatively short period of time and obviously worsen with time.

The task of purchasing a welding helmet may be a bit daunting especially for amateur welders, as there are many types of welding helmets. Some of the important features to look out for when getting a welding helmet to include; adjustability, weight, a good welding helmet should be light, so that it does not strain the neck. The last thing you will have to check for is a good lens that offers a good peripheral vision. For a first time welder or someone inexperienced who only welds occasionally, the price of a passive lens welding hood might be tempting. However, they’re not the best choice for beginners because of the lack of variability in the lens shade means it’s not easy to see what you’re doing. That translates to mistakes and poor quality welds. New versions will even have an auto-darkening option, which will darken automatically once the welding begins.

Comfort is also very important when welding, you don’t want to strain your neck while building your wine cellar. A good welding helmet has size and angle adjustments on the headgear on the welding hood as well as the amount of coverage your helmet provides for your neck A good welding helmet is a welder’s best friend and guard. It is no doubt the most important equipment you will need to build your wine cellar.

<h2> Written By: Kathryn<h2>

Written By: Kathryn

Date: November 16, 2018

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