We started as a group of friends who always enjoyed the nightlife in different places across the globe. As part of our holiday activities, wine tasting was our favourite.

We have tried almost all the new and old wine brands, including the bitter and the sweet ones. We feel we need to extend the gesture to people from our experiences, and that’s the beginning of our quest for wines.

 We have held several events, including wine festivals, where all stakeholders in the wine industry come to showcase their products and enjoy a free market for business growth.


 Corporate organizations want these events and always compete for corporate tables. That explains why we have several of the vents in a year to accommodate the ever-growing demand.

Wine brewers always look for us as their first marketing line due to our high customer base, which turns into competitive leads.

Bottlers and barrels investors use our social platforms and events also to get new and maintain existing business. We have even turned to be most-sort-after social media influencers and ambassadors in the wine industry that our work believes and trust.

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