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11 Group Activities for Wine Lovers

Spending quality time with friends is arguably the most fabulous way to spend our time. Engaging in fun activities with these like-minded individuals is also a fantastic way to catch up and recollect memories.

Wine drinking is a great way to bring acquaintances together. It’s the perfect pretext to relax and uncork a few bottles of your favorite wines. How can you get a group of wine lovers entertained? How can you make your wine tasting parties engaging and pleasurable?

This post explores fantastic indoor and outdoor activities for you and your wine tasting buddies. Wineries can also adopt these methods to add vibe and change tradition at their establishments. Since health and fitness are essential to our well-being, we’ve incorporated a few group activities to keep you fit.

Are you entertaining a group of wine lovers? Here are eleven ways to mix entertainment with wine.

1. Painting

Painting is a perfect activity adopted by wineries and vineyards. Materials and utensils, including aprons, are provided for a group of wine tasters. A professional painter can also lead visitors with guidance and training. Serve wine during and after this activity.

2. Biking/ Bike Tours

Many Vineyards offer bike tours. These tours let visitors pedal at a relaxed speed and embrace stopovers at wineries for meals and tastings. In addition to these wine, tasting groups can organize themselves and begin their wine tasting day by biking around a park or roads.

3. Hunting

Several wineries and vineyards offer hunting as an attraction. Some of them have lodgings, extensive hunting grounds, and water bodies for fish and animals. For those who love hunting, you will find fields with elk, quail, and vermin. Some of them will allow you to use your guns and accessories. If you use props such as optics for AR 15’s, bring them along for your pursuit. 

4. Sketch the Label

This game is excellent for play at a wine tasting party. Since there are no skills necessary, it’s easy and fun to play. Hide the labels on the wine bottles, and subsequently, let everyone sketch a suitable tag for the container. They should use their discretion which will make the party interesting

5. Do You Know Your Friends/Partner?

Play an adaptation of the newlywed game with your friends. If there are couples among them, try to see if they know one another. Prepare two small-sized whiteboards, and ask each couple questions like “does your mate favor white or red wine?” and “what’s your partner’s favorite brand of wine?” You can play Pictionary with these boards.

6. A Blind Taste Trial

This wine tasting party idea is exciting. Pour wine into glasses and conceal their bottles or stickers. Let guests guess their costs and ratings of the wine. Let them pen down their answers on paper and keep it confidential. Give out a prize, like a good quality wine bottle or bottle stopper for the guest who has more exact prices and ratings.

7. Wine Trivia

Discover your inner sommelier with wine trivia. Since there are lots of fun facts on the internet, you can play in teams, depending on the number of people present.

8. Tour a Winery

This event is a popular one for wine lovers. But you can do more than savoring the wine. You can plan special events for guests to gather and understand the wine-making procedure. Besides, if you know a friend who owns a home winery, inquire if you can have a casual event. 

9. Alternative Venues

Places with tables and seats are perfect for indulging in wine. Look for attics, cafes, lodges, jazz clubs, workshops, and outdoor spaces, including gardens for tasting events. All you need to come along with is wine, glasses, serviettes, and nibbles.

10. Swimming

Plan your wine tasting events around a swimming pool. Swimming is a brilliant cardio exercise. It allows you to test respiratory, cardiac, and muscular stamina and strength. Combining them will enable you to enjoy your wine and stay fit at the same time.

11. Hiking

On a holiday or break, plan, gather friends and walk an outdoor trail. Vineyards and its environment are also a great place to hike around with friends. After, your group can gather around for lunch and wine.

Some other activities for wine lovers include:


You can organize a wine tasting party in several ways, from formal affairs to informal, spontaneous events. Also, take on causes and help our charities as a group.

Surprise your friends with these ideas. Think outside the box to make your wine tasting events spectacular. These plans will amuse your wine-loving companions, clients and will have them coming back for more.

Swedish Body Massage For Grape Pickers

Massage therapy is an activity that supplements conventional medicine to allow grape pickers to enjoy good health. Besides, it uplifts their physical, emotional and psychological well being. After a hard day in the grape field, it is time to rest and relax in a spa. The lactic acid after the massage is a way of removing toxin on the body that is responsible for muscle tension. You can also resort to drinking alcohol after massage just to forget about the hassles of a grape picker and just sleep heavily.

There are many benefits of a massage for this population. They include

·Stress reduction and relieves anxiety and depression

·Removes toxins

·Reduction of muscle pain and tension

·Improves agility and performance levels

·Prevents insomnia to enhance cognitive development

·Alleviates tiredness

·Builds one immunity to fight infections

·Reduces body inflammation

It is at the massage parlor…

that you just relax and allow the muscles to have a soft time with minimal physical strain. A grape picker is always on the move for the better part of the day. Likely, the muscles strain so much just to accommodate the new physical activity. For it to go back to its normal position there must be an external factor that likes massage that will aid in the return of the tissues to its rightful position.

The constant bending while picking the grapes causes back pain and there is a possibility of body inflammation. A targeted therapy on such areas at the massage parlor allows it to go back to its original position. In this case, most of the times the muscle pain may be due to poor blood circulation which their therapy tends to sort out.

Just like the physical exercises…

while picking the grapes there is a possibility to toxin accumulation which may cause body pain and discomfort. This is the role of the massages on the grape pickers. It completely removes the toxins from the body allowing the lymphatic and circulatory system to work at optimum levels which further enhances good health.

What does it mean when muscles relax? While running this activity, there is so much strain on the muscles and the tissues. This means that when there are not given time to replenish then there are bound to overstretch reducing the performance level of the grave pickers. When you have such a body to get to sleep then insomnia will be a common trend. What do you expect of a grape picker who never had enough rest? There will be low chances of high productivity. This is the gap that body massage feels. It gives them a good sleep ready to face yet another day as well as improve the functioning of the body and mind for logic and reasoning.

The unique function of a body massage…

is the ability to improve the mood and attitude of the grape pickers. The touch and pressing of the target areas have a direct effect on the stimulation of stress-relieving hormones as well as enzymes responsible for happiness. You ask yourself, what joy do these pickers derive from their job that makes them happy and positive about life all the time? The secret and answer lie on the regular body massages they have. Entrepreneurs can use this to have a spa available for their workers to enhance productivity. It may seem n investment in futility but the long-term results are worth.