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Like any other alcoholic drink, it becomes dangerous to your health when you consume it in excess. However, when you take it in moderation, it comes with numerous physical, spiritual, and emotional health benefits. Some include

An antioxidant

Your body depends on body cells. When they are damaged, your physical body is affected. Red wine in specific acts as antioxidants to minimize the damage of cells. It helps to neutralize the environmental reactions that promote cell damage.

Keeps a safe cholesterol level

Bad cholesterol in the body promotes lifestyle diseases like obesity and high blood pressure. Red grapes, the main raw material in the production of red wine, help remove bad cholesterol in promoting good health.

Promotes good cardiac health

As long as you have an optimum level of cholesterol, you only have healthy fat on the body, which means minimal fat lining in the heart; it ensures you have proper heart health.

Reduces risk of cancer

Cancer is a killer disease. Research shows that moderate consumption of wine reduces cancer risk by killing some of the cells before they progress to become detrimental to your health. It does this through the obstruction of proteins that make the cells cause havoc in the physical body.

Sharpens one's brain

Wine works directly on the nervous system making you alert and focussed on the situation at hand. The long term effect of this is a sharpened brain.

Maintains a healthy body weight

Among the diet that weight nutritionists recommend is wine. It inhibits unhealthy fat from accumulating in the body, promoting weight gain; instead, it makes you slim and fit with a lot of energy to engage in physical activities.

Reduces stress, anxiety and depression

Since it also falls as a stimulant, it promotes the production of “feel-good” hormones. This keeps stress-producing hormones at bay, making you stress and depression free.

It's an antibacterial

Some digestive problems don’t need antibiotics, but a glass of wine helps kill the bacteria with minimal effort. If you are to enjoy all these benefits, then stick to one or two glasses in a day. And skip a day or two; otherwise, anything extra will be classified as excessive consumption of alcohol.

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