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We are passionate about wines. We inform you of the new trends in the wine industry and new brands and technologies for our sweet and tasty wine.

Like any other alcoholic drink, it becomes dangerous to your health when you consume it in excess. However, when you take it in moderation, it comes with numerous physical, spiritual, and emotional health benefits. 

An antioxidant

Keeps a safe cholesterol level

Promotes good cardiac health

Reduces risk of cancer

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After a hard day’s work, a glass of wine at home or in a peaceful, serene boosts your energy levels to face yet another day full of challenges but fun at the same time. Occasional consumption of red wine once a day comes with numerous health benefits, including increased life span, provision of antioxidants, and reduction of inflammation. Different types of wines dictate the diversity in the alcoholic drink, which also proves cultural diversity. Every race wants associates with a specific wine; the older the wine, the sweeter the taste, and the higher the class.

The million-dollar question is with the availability of raw materials for wine production. Why is wine expensive?
The main reason for this is that the production cost of wine is expensive, and few farmers opt to grow grapes. The barrels and bottles are also costly that also adds to the cost of production.



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