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11 Group Activities for Wine Lovers

Spending quality time with friends is arguably the most fabulous way to spend our time. Engaging in fun activities with these like-minded individuals is also a fantastic way to catch up and recollect memories.

Wine drinking is a great way to bring acquaintances together. It’s the perfect pretext to relax and uncork a few bottles of your favorite wines. How can you get a group of wine lovers entertained? How can you make your wine tasting parties engaging and pleasurable?

This post explores fantastic indoor and outdoor activities for you and your wine tasting buddies. Wineries can also adopt these methods to add vibe and change tradition at their establishments. Since health and fitness are essential to our well-being, we’ve incorporated a few group activities to keep you fit.

Are you entertaining a group of wine lovers? Here are eleven ways to mix entertainment with wine.

1. Painting

Painting is a perfect activity adopted by wineries and vineyards. Materials and utensils, including aprons, are provided for a group of wine tasters. A professional painter can also lead visitors with guidance and training. Serve wine during and after this activity.

2. Biking/ Bike Tours

Many Vineyards offer bike tours. These tours let visitors pedal at a relaxed speed and embrace stopovers at wineries for meals and tastings. In addition to these wine, tasting groups can organize themselves and begin their wine tasting day by biking around a park or roads.

3. Hunting

Several wineries and vineyards offer hunting as an attraction. Some of them have lodgings, extensive hunting grounds, and water bodies for fish and animals. For those who love hunting, you will find fields with elk, quail, and vermin. Some of them will allow you to use your guns and accessories. If you use props such as optics for AR 15’s, bring them along for your pursuit. 

4. Sketch the Label

This game is excellent for play at a wine tasting party. Since there are no skills necessary, it’s easy and fun to play. Hide the labels on the wine bottles, and subsequently, let everyone sketch a suitable tag for the container. They should use their discretion which will make the party interesting

5. Do You Know Your Friends/Partner?

Play an adaptation of the newlywed game with your friends. If there are couples among them, try to see if they know one another. Prepare two small-sized whiteboards, and ask each couple questions like “does your mate favor white or red wine?” and “what’s your partner’s favorite brand of wine?” You can play Pictionary with these boards.

6. A Blind Taste Trial

This wine tasting party idea is exciting. Pour wine into glasses and conceal their bottles or stickers. Let guests guess their costs and ratings of the wine. Let them pen down their answers on paper and keep it confidential. Give out a prize, like a good quality wine bottle or bottle stopper for the guest who has more exact prices and ratings.

7. Wine Trivia

Discover your inner sommelier with wine trivia. Since there are lots of fun facts on the internet, you can play in teams, depending on the number of people present.

8. Tour a Winery

This event is a popular one for wine lovers. But you can do more than savoring the wine. You can plan special events for guests to gather and understand the wine-making procedure. Besides, if you know a friend who owns a home winery, inquire if you can have a casual event. 

9. Alternative Venues

Places with tables and seats are perfect for indulging in wine. Look for attics, cafes, lodges, jazz clubs, workshops, and outdoor spaces, including gardens for tasting events. All you need to come along with is wine, glasses, serviettes, and nibbles.

10. Swimming

Plan your wine tasting events around a swimming pool. Swimming is a brilliant cardio exercise. It allows you to test respiratory, cardiac, and muscular stamina and strength. Combining them will enable you to enjoy your wine and stay fit at the same time.

11. Hiking

On a holiday or break, plan, gather friends and walk an outdoor trail. Vineyards and its environment are also a great place to hike around with friends. After, your group can gather around for lunch and wine.

Some other activities for wine lovers include:


You can organize a wine tasting party in several ways, from formal affairs to informal, spontaneous events. Also, take on causes and help our charities as a group.

Surprise your friends with these ideas. Think outside the box to make your wine tasting events spectacular. These plans will amuse your wine-loving companions, clients and will have them coming back for more.

Wine Cellar Fabrication: 5 Welding Gear You Need to Fabricate a Vintage Wine Cellar in Your Home

Are you an avid wine collector?


If that’s the case, a time comes when your collection no longer fits in an ordinary wine rack. Therefore, it makes sense to upgrade to a complete home wine cellar.

Cellars offer enough storage for all your wine collection and an interesting way to entertain your friends. Whether you want to store just a few dozen of bottles or hundreds, wine cellars range in size from walk-in coolers to small refrigerators.

Analyze your existing space to determine the right size of a wine cellar to add to your space. If you’re a passionate vino lover, a cooler or wine cellar is all you need.

However, if you’re into both wine and beer, you may want to include a home bar with a personal tasting or seating area.

Make sure your interior space mimics the right conditions for storing wine.

When planning on the perfect wine cellar design to fabricate, consider the following depending on your needs as a beginner or wine collector:

  • A walk-in cooler
  • Large wall-mounted racks
  • Tall wine fridges
  • A wine fridge
  • Small racks
  • A tasting area
  • A bistro table, dining table or bar
  • Accessories such as corkscrews and wine glasses

Make sure your wine cellar has the right storage conditions. A hot cellar may cause your wine to oxidize, age faster, and lose flavor or character.

The right cellar maintains a consistent temperature.

Some types of wine cellars include:

  • Traditional stone and ornate wood
  • Mediterranean
  • Glass and metal

Whichever type of cellar you prefer, you can give it metal touches. A welder can help you fabricate a stylish metal wine cellar with a vintage touch. Make sure it goes well with another interior décor in your space.

If you’re a hands-on person, you can easily create a DIY metal wine cellar. It’s also possible to work alongside a welder to create your ideal cellar.

Here’re the five welding tools you’ll need for wine cellar fabrication:

Top 5 Welding Tools and Gear for Wine Cellar Fabrication

Whether you want a classic, minimalist or contemporary wine cellar with a vintage look, you’ll find the following welding gear and accessories handy.

  1. Welding helmet

A welding helmet is a safety gear you need each time you work on any kind of welding job. It features an auto-darkening filter that responds fast to auto-detect a welding arc, forcing it to darken.

The filter protects your eyes and allows you to work efficiently and faster. Welding helmets also offer protection from ultraviolet and infrared radiation rays.

Available in ergonomic designs, welding helmets mimic the natural human head for extended, comfortable wear and use.

Other features include:

  • Windows on either side for peripheral view
  • Adjustable window filters to control light
  • Knobs for adjustments
  • A wide view screen for extended viewing
  • Long battery life
  • Exhaust vent for heat regulation
  1. Gas masks

Designed to meet all CBRN standards for protection, gas masks offer protection from inhaling radiological, biological, chemical, and nuclear weapon gases.

They feature expansive lenses for unrestricted view during emergencies. The lens offers panoramic visibility when welding or fabricating your wine cellar.

Other features include

  • Hypoallergenic inner mask to eliminate fogging
  • Rigorous testing
  • Prolonged mustard gas resistance
  1. Welding boots

Simple and fashionable, welding boots are versatile. When working on a long, arduous fabrication job of your wine cellar, you need lightweight boots for easy movement.

High backing provides additional ankle support and a snug fit. Unlike rubber soles, slip-resistant PVC on the sole ensures you have firm support for hard footing.

The boots are safe for use in various welding conditions and resist fat, oil, and acids. Apart from being slip-resistant, the PVC makes them electrical hazard resistant.

Other features include:

  • ANSI/OSHA certified
  • High-quality leather for durability
  • Odor resistant
  1. MIG welders

Designed for power, ease of use, and portability, MIG welders, support hobbyist, and professional use. MIG welders are stylish, premium, and available in compact designs.

The powerhouse machine is perfect for your DIY wine cellar welding project, including:

  • Tool carts
  • Hitches
  • Bow racks
  • Metal sculpture

You can also use the welder on mild steel, flux core steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Other features include:

  • Spool-gun ready
  • Selector switch
  • Built-in gas valve
  1. Plasma cutter

Designed to deliver cutting-edge plasma cutting performance, plasma cutters are based on state-of-the-art consumable technology. They deliver clean cuts at fast speeds to improve productivity.

They’re small, versatile, compact, and portable. They range in application from extended reach and bevel to fine feature and gouging cutting. Other features include:

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Stable plasma arc

Whether you decide to fabricate your wine cellar the DIY-way or hire a professional, these are just some of the gear you’ll need for your welding project.

5 Beneficial Alcoholic Drinks for Military Forces

Red wine is rich in RESVERATROL.

The chemical compound, resveratrol, is found in red grapes used to make wine. It also found in cranberries, peanuts, and Blue grapes and peanuts in large quantities. You’ll also find it in supplements.

Red wine, according to various studies, can enhance various health factors due to resveratrol presence in the drink. The chemical compound has various health benefits.

Some plants are rich in resveratrol fight off fungi and bacteria, atop offering protection against ultraviolet (UV) irradiation.

According to existing evidence, some forms of resveratrol can prevent cancer, improve cardiovascular health, and treat acne, among other health benefits.

Other benefits of drinking red wine include:

  • Protection against certain types of cancer
  • Prevent some forms of vision loss
  • Improve mental health
  • Better heart health
  • Help people live longer

Despite the suggested evidence on the health benefits of red wine, alcohol consumption has various risks.

Therefore, based on the current (2015 – 2020) U.S. Dietary Guidelines, moderate drinking is recommended for the consumption of alcoholic drinks to gain from their health benefits. Only adults of legal age are allowed to drink moderately.

Men in the military should drink no more than two glasses of red wine, and women a maximum of a glass per day.

Furthermore, the wine used several centuries ago to treat different health conditions.

Moreover, monks in medieval monasteries regularly drunk wine in moderation, a factor attributed to the fact that they lived longer than the rest of the people. Scientific studies have also backed this fact.

Here’s how red wine and four other alcoholic drinks affect military forces.

Top 5 Alcoholic Drinks Military Troops Find Beneficial

  1. Red wine for anti-radiation protection

Soldiers in military forces NEVER smile.

Could it be that they’ve stained their teeth with red wine?


That’s a story for another day and some FOOD for THOUGHT.

Red wine reduces the absorption rate of radiation into the body. For that reason, the Soviet Navy rationed red wine for sailors aboard nuclear submarines.

Red wine likely calmed sailors’ stomachs and nerves due to radiation exposure on the water vessels. That explains why the K-19 was known as the widow-maker.

Resveratrol, according to a 2008 study published on The Telegraph, is a natural anti-oxidant. It offers protection from cell damages resulting from radiation.

  1. Beer to survive the tough military life

Military forces have so much to gain from drinking beer.

Beer reduces blood pressure and the risk of developing heart disease.

The military is a stressful service, explaining why many members are at risk of high blood pressure.

Beer can benefits troops in many ways, as follows:

  • Reduces the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s for veterans
  • Boosts creativity
  • Relieves stress and joint pain
  • Fights infections and colds
  • Prevents fractures and enhances the density of bones
  • Boosts post-workout recovery
  1. Gin and tonic for anti-malarial use

The British East India Company army developed Gin and Tonic for its soldiers deployed in tropical locations such as India. It aimed at fighting malaria, a common menace in such regions.

The tonic had high quinine content for anti-malaria use. The soldiers sweetened the drink with lime and sugar because it had a bitter taste.

However, the drink won’t make a comeback as an alternative to existing malaria medication because the quinine level in tonic greatly reduced.

  1. Whiskey for weight loss

Whiskey can boost weight loss.

The drink lacks cholesterol and calories found in beer but offers almost similar health benefits. It has zero carbs and fat content with low sugar content, making it ideal for weight loss. The drink doesn’t alter blood glucose, making it healthier for people with diabetes.

American troops enjoy drinking whiskey, a popular drink in the nation’s military force.

Whiskey contains anti-oxidants that help fight free radicals responsible for aging and cancer.

According to an article published on Forbes, troops used Whiskey in the 1920s as an antiseptic tonic for battlefield use in war.

Whiskey also:

  • Fights colds
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Lowers the risk of dementia
  1. Rum for mental wellness

Life in the military can be tough, explaining why many veterans deal with PTSD post-military service.

You may think soldiers can’t experience mental problems because they handle all kinds of serious ammunition, such as the 65 Grendel, but they do.

Sailors anciently served beer to help cope with mental issues. However, it was replaced with rum (a type of spirit) because beer often went bad.

The daily ration for rum was a bucket, known then as “tot” in the British Empire. The alcohol calmed their nerves before setting out for battle. However, the rum ration stopped as late as the 1990s. Red wine is healthier than all the other alcoholic drinks on this list. For soldiers to gain from the stated health benefits, you must drink it moderately. If you have serious medical issues, talk to your doctor before resorting to a glass of wine daily.

Swedish Body Massage For Grape Pickers

Massage therapy is an activity that supplements conventional medicine to allow grape pickers to enjoy good health. Besides, it uplifts their physical, emotional and psychological well being. After a hard day in the grape field, it is time to rest and relax in a spa. The lactic acid after the massage is a way of removing toxin on the body that is responsible for muscle tension. You can also resort to drinking alcohol after massage just to forget about the hassles of a grape picker and just sleep heavily.

There are many benefits of a massage for this population. They include

·Stress reduction and relieves anxiety and depression

·Removes toxins

·Reduction of muscle pain and tension

·Improves agility and performance levels

·Prevents insomnia to enhance cognitive development

·Alleviates tiredness

·Builds one immunity to fight infections

·Reduces body inflammation

It is at the massage parlor…

that you just relax and allow the muscles to have a soft time with minimal physical strain. A grape picker is always on the move for the better part of the day. Likely, the muscles strain so much just to accommodate the new physical activity. For it to go back to its normal position there must be an external factor that likes massage that will aid in the return of the tissues to its rightful position.

The constant bending while picking the grapes causes back pain and there is a possibility of body inflammation. A targeted therapy on such areas at the massage parlor allows it to go back to its original position. In this case, most of the times the muscle pain may be due to poor blood circulation which their therapy tends to sort out.

Just like the physical exercises…

while picking the grapes there is a possibility to toxin accumulation which may cause body pain and discomfort. This is the role of the massages on the grape pickers. It completely removes the toxins from the body allowing the lymphatic and circulatory system to work at optimum levels which further enhances good health.

What does it mean when muscles relax? While running this activity, there is so much strain on the muscles and the tissues. This means that when there are not given time to replenish then there are bound to overstretch reducing the performance level of the grave pickers. When you have such a body to get to sleep then insomnia will be a common trend. What do you expect of a grape picker who never had enough rest? There will be low chances of high productivity. This is the gap that body massage feels. It gives them a good sleep ready to face yet another day as well as improve the functioning of the body and mind for logic and reasoning.

The unique function of a body massage…

is the ability to improve the mood and attitude of the grape pickers. The touch and pressing of the target areas have a direct effect on the stimulation of stress-relieving hormones as well as enzymes responsible for happiness. You ask yourself, what joy do these pickers derive from their job that makes them happy and positive about life all the time? The secret and answer lie on the regular body massages they have. Entrepreneurs can use this to have a spa available for their workers to enhance productivity. It may seem n investment in futility but the long-term results are worth.

Water Softeners for Wine

What’s water softener?

The water that you use at your home may have some mineral parts in it. Actually, the water that you use is drawn from the underground. The underground water has magnesium and calcium in it, and these minerals can make the water hard. A water softener makes the water neutral and keeps it soft. The regeneration process allows the water softener to repeat the process and thus the hard water becomes soft water.

Some of the benefits of water softener

The hard water that you get directly from the tap or the municipality is not good for your skin and hair. If you experience that your hair is hard or your clothes are getting rough, then you may have hard water problems.

The water softener has many benefits.

A water softener can reduce your energy bill. In reality, the hard water takes more time to boil or to heat. This extra time costs you more energy. But soft water heats fast and reduce your energy bill. Your kitchen utensils will be shinier (the glass and the silver ones).

Your clothes will be soft and stain free. The clothes will get a new life and the clothes may last longer. The detergent becomes less active in the hard water. If you use the water softener, you can save on shampoos, soaps, and detergents.

The pipes through which this hard water runs can clog it. So, any electrical appliance that uses this hard water can get damaged. Water softener saves your electrical appliances significantly.

Water softeners for wines.

Water are used either to make wine or to add in it before you take a sip. To make wine, you can’t always use bottled or distilled water. The purified water has no such minerals, and that can cause a big problem. The water from your tap may be used only if it’s not too hard water. You should have a TDB meter to know, how hard your water is The next thing is to know about the right amount of minerals in your water. If you are going to use a salt exchange water softener, then you shouldn’t do that. The fermentation process of the yeast is a crucial part of making a win. The water plays an essential role in it.

The water softeners replace the magnesium and calcium ions with the sodium ions. If your water has too much sodium, then there can be a shortage of oxygen. For this reason, magnesium is not bad in the water.

What kind of water softener will fit your winemaking process?

The water softener that kills the lesser amount of magnesium ions. It will fit for winemaking. Moderate water which is neither too hard nor too soft is ideal for making wine. For brewing, it’s excellent water.

Can you add softened water while sipping your wine?

The softened water has sodium. Sodium keeps your body’s water level in balance, So, it’s good for you. But too much sodium is not good for your body. If your doctor has prescribed you to take a low sodium diet, then you should not use a water softener for wines. You can add some potassium in your water softener to make your water healthier.

Use the Best Welding Helmet to Build Your Wine Cellar

Over time, as the wine bottles keep piling up, the need for a wine cellar becomes more evident. What best way to store your bottled treasures than to build a wine cellar for them, to develop the great taste that wine lovers adore. Like most do-it-yourself projects with safety hazards, safety and protection are of the most importance. Protective clothing is important and the first thing you will need to build your shelving for your wine cellar is a welding helmet. Nothing says danger like sparks flying around while you try to weld the metal in place. A good welding helmet with automatic control is as important as the gloves, and the long-sleeved shirt.

As pleasantly fulfilling as it may seem, making a wine cellar comes with its own dangers. Welders pay more attention to their heavy leather gloves and their protective long sleeve jackets because that is where they think most of their problems can arise since that is what is closest to the source of the heat. But, it is also known that an overwhelming amount of injury from welding is from the improper protection of the face and eyes. A good welding helmet will provide a full face protection, to not only keep the flash burn and sparks out of your eyes but to also act as a shield from that scorching heat. Flash burn and sparks are some of the hazards every welder should be mindful of, the source of the heat and light can hurt the eyes within its close proximity; the intense flashes of light, which include visible light as well as ultraviolet and infrared radiation, can harm the eyes even when the welding tool is away from your face. These burns can cause a sunburn-like condition on the skin in a relatively short period of time and obviously worsen with time.

The task of purchasing a welding helmet may be a bit daunting especially for amateur welders, as there are many types of welding helmets. Some of the important features to look out for when getting a welding helmet to include; adjustability, weight, a good welding helmet should be light, so that it does not strain the neck. The last thing you will have to check for is a good lens that offers a good peripheral vision. For a first time welder or someone inexperienced who only welds occasionally, the price of a passive lens welding hood might be tempting. However, they’re not the best choice for beginners because of the lack of variability in the lens shade means it’s not easy to see what you’re doing. That translates to mistakes and poor quality welds. New versions will even have an auto-darkening option, which will darken automatically once the welding begins.

Comfort is also very important when welding, you don’t want to strain your neck while building your wine cellar. A good welding helmet has size and angle adjustments on the headgear on the welding hood as well as the amount of coverage your helmet provides for your neck A good welding helmet is a welder’s best friend and guard. It is no doubt the most important equipment you will need to build your wine cellar.

Simple Things That Can Help You Relax

Relaxing is not an option but a must-do action. The work-life balance is just not easy especially in the contemporary society where you have so much in your arms that you do not know what to prioritize. You will always not work all the time. You should always have time to rest. What do you do at this time? Whichever the form of relaxation let it be something you enjoy because its effectiveness is determined if it comes from the mind – emotional happiness. You have just had a long day at work and you just want to have some peace of mind, what options are the best for you?

A massage
Depending on the kind of work, in most cases, you maintain a specific position for a long time This means that you put a strain on that part of the body. This is when you now have the chance to go for a deep vein massage to make sure that the blood flows at a normal rate. There are specific areas who know which pressure points to apply to make sure that you get the best feeling of your body. It would be great if you have an infinity massage chair which will make sure that you are in the right position for a massage. To get the best of these then you need infinity massage chair reviews which you can get here.




A cup of coffee
Coffee is a beverage with some caffeine content. The power of caffeine for relaxation is just amazing. This is an instant energy booster. It works directly on the central nervous system to a point in which it will ignite the production of stress-relieving hormones instantly such that you have an instant relaxation. It is even better when you get one that has some additives and your favorite flavors to boost the taste. It is just a healthy drink which aids in handling all manner of emotional pain.



Listen to music
A soft classical music is good for the soul. It has a message which communicates directly to your heart. In fact, you will be able to relax as you reflect and meditate on all the life pleasures with a view to making it bigger and better. This is a good way to just relax and also have time to plan your life such that you have a fruitful life ahead. Have you asked yourself why it is important to have background music in a fitness center?



Engage in a physical activity
Just in case the kind of work involves sitting in front of a computer then you need to relax by engaging in some form of physical activity. Some of the options ideals for relaxation include dancing, a fitness exercise, a walk in the park, cycling or just a nature walk are some of the physical activities which might come in handy for you to relax.

The best way to relax is just to get away from the normal daily routine such that you forget about the unfinished office business and just focus on yourself. Whichever option you choose make sure you have a passion for it